Interserver Review

Hey there! Today, I want to give you the lowdown on InterServer, a web hosting company that has been making waves in the industry. Established in [establishment year], InterServer has made a name for itself by offering a range of hosting services, including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

But what sets them apart from the competition? Well, stick around as we delve into their performance and reliability, pricing and plans, features and customizations, security and backups, customer support and resources, user interface and ease of use, as well as the pros and cons. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea of whether InterServer is the right choice for your web hosting needs. So, let’s get started with this comprehensive Interserver Review!

Interserver Review

See the Interserver Review in detail.

Performance and Reliability

Uptime Guarantees and Real-World Performance Data

InterServer is a web hosting provider that has been in the industry since 1999. With over two decades of experience, they have established themselves as a reliable and trustworthy option for individuals and businesses looking for web hosting solutions. One of the key factors that sets InterServer apart from its competitors is its strong focus on performance and reliability.

When it comes to uptime guarantees, InterServer boasts an impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means that their servers are designed to be up and running, ensuring that your website is accessible to visitors at all times. To ensure the reliability of their services, InterServer employs robust monitoring systems that constantly keep an eye on server performance and take necessary action to rectify any issues that may arise.

In addition to uptime guarantees, it’s essential to consider real-world performance data when evaluating a web hosting provider. InterServer regularly monitors the performance of their servers and provides customers with access to detailed performance reports. These reports offer valuable insights into server speeds and load times, allowing customers to assess the overall performance of their websites.

Server Speeds and Load Times

Server speeds and load times are crucial factors that can make or break a website’s success. Slow loading times not only frustrate visitors but also negatively impact search engine rankings. InterServer understands the importance of fast server speeds and is committed to delivering lightning-fast performance.

With state-of-the-art data centers strategically located in multiple regions worldwide, InterServer ensures low latency and quick response times for their customers. By utilizing the latest hardware and software technologies, they optimize their servers to deliver exceptional speed and minimize downtime.

Furthermore, InterServer offers content delivery network (CDN) integration as a performance-related feature. CDN integration allows for the distribution of website content across multiple servers worldwide, improving load times for visitors regardless of their geographical location. This feature is particularly beneficial for websites with a global audience or high traffic volumes.

Performance-Related Features

In addition to CDN integration, InterServer offers several other performance-related features that enhance the overall user experience. One notable feature is the LiteSpeed web server, a high-performance server technology that can significantly improve website loading speeds. LiteSpeed is known for its efficiency in handling concurrent connections and delivering dynamic content, making it a popular choice among website owners.

InterServer also prioritizes performance by utilizing SSD (Solid State Drive) storage instead of traditional hard drives. SSDs are known for their lightning-fast data retrieval speeds and can greatly enhance website loading times. By incorporating SSD storage into their infrastructure, InterServer ensures faster page loading, smoother website navigation, and an overall improved user experience.

Data Center Locations and Infrastructure

The location and infrastructure of a data center can have a significant impact on website performance and reliability. InterServer understands this and has invested in top-tier data centers located in key geographical regions.

Their data centers are equipped with advanced infrastructure, including redundant power supplies, backup generators, and precision cooling systems. These measures ensure that servers remain operational even during power outages or extreme weather conditions.

InterServer’s data centers are also protected by robust security systems, including 24/7 monitoring, access control measures, and fire suppression systems. These security measures safeguard servers and customer data from physical threats, ensuring the highest level of protection.

With data center locations in the United States, Europe, and Asia, InterServer offers customers the flexibility to choose the data center that best suits their target audience or specific requirements. This strategic positioning allows for reduced latency and faster connection speeds, resulting in an optimal user experience for website visitors.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing Structure for Various Hosting Types

InterServer offers a wide range of hosting services to cater to different needs and budgets. Their hosting options include shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is an entry-level hosting option that is ideal for individuals or small businesses with limited budgets. With shared hosting, multiple websites share server resources, making it a cost-effective solution. InterServer’s shared hosting plans start at competitive prices, offering several tiers to accommodate different needs. These plans include features such as unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and easy-to-use control panels.

For those seeking more control and flexibility, VPS hosting is an excellent choice. VPS hosting provides dedicated resources within a virtual server environment, allowing customers to have greater control over their hosting environment. InterServer offers VPS hosting plans that are scalable, meaning resources can be easily adjusted as needed. With VPS hosting, customers can enjoy benefits such as faster loading times, enhanced security, and better overall performance.

For websites with high traffic volumes or specialized requirements, dedicated hosting is the ideal option. With dedicated hosting, customers have full control over an entire physical server, providing the highest level of performance and customization. InterServer offers dedicated hosting plans that come with robust hardware, redundant network connections, and advanced security features.

Comparison with Market Standards and Competitors

When considering a hosting provider, it’s essential to assess their pricing in relation to market standards and competitors. InterServer’s pricing structure is highly competitive, offering affordable plans without compromising on quality or performance.

Compared to other hosting providers in the market, InterServer stands out for its transparency in pricing. Unlike some providers that lure customers in with low introductory rates and then significantly increase renewal prices, InterServer maintains consistent pricing throughout the duration of the subscription. This means that customers can rely on stable and predictable pricing, ensuring there are no surprises when it comes time for renewal.

Furthermore, InterServer offers price lock guarantees, meaning the price you sign up for is the price you’ll pay for the lifetime of your subscription. This is a remarkable advantage, particularly in an industry where price increases and hidden fees are not uncommon.

Hidden Costs and Value for Money Aspects

Hidden costs are a concern for many individuals and businesses considering web hosting services. InterServer takes pride in their transparency and aims to provide customers with excellent value for their money.

With InterServer, customers can rest assured that there are no hidden costs or surprise charges. The pricing displayed on their website accurately represents the plans and services provided. They do not engage in practices such as charging extra for essential features or inexperienced support.

In addition to fair pricing, InterServer offers several value-added features that enhance the overall hosting experience. These features include unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts, allowing customers to grow their online presence without worrying about resource limitations. Their plans also include free SSL certificates, which are essential for securing websites and building customer trust.

Available Payment Methods and Refund Policy

InterServer offers a variety of convenient payment methods to cater to customers from around the world. They accept major credit cards, PayPal, and even cryptocurrency payments, providing flexibility and ease of use.

When it comes to refunds, InterServer has a fair and transparent refund policy in place. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their shared hosting plans, allowing customers to try out their services risk-free. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied, they can request a refund within the first 30 days of service activation.

It’s important to note that while InterServer offers a refund policy, domain registration fees, setup fees, and certain add-ons are non-refundable. It’s always recommended to thoroughly read the terms and conditions and understand the refund policy before making a purchase.

Interserver Review

See the Interserver Review in detail.

Features and Customizations

Key Features such as Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, Email Accounts, etc.

InterServer offers a wide range of features to meet the diverse needs of their customers. One of the key advantages of InterServer’s hosting plans is the inclusion of unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts.

Unlimited storage ensures that customers have ample space to store their website files, databases, and multimedia content. This eliminates concerns about running out of storage and provides the flexibility to scale and expand as needed.

Unlimited bandwidth allows for seamless data transfer between the server and visitors’ browsers. This is particularly important for websites with high traffic volumes or media-rich content. With unlimited bandwidth, customers can rest assured that their website will load quickly regardless of the number of visitors accessing it simultaneously.

Email accounts are a crucial aspect of professional communication. With InterServer, customers can create unlimited email accounts using their own domain name. This enables businesses to present a professional image and promotes brand consistency in email communications.

Website Builder Tools and Ease of Installation for CMS Platforms

InterServer understands that not all customers have web development experience or the desire to hire a professional web designer. To cater to individuals and businesses looking to create a website without technical expertise, InterServer provides easy-to-use website builder tools.

Their website builder allows users to choose from a variety of pre-designed templates and customize them to create a unique website. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes designing a website a breeze, even for beginners. With the website builder, customers can have a professional-looking website up and running in no time.

For those who prefer to use content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, InterServer offers seamless installation and support. Their hosting plans are optimized for WordPress, ensuring smooth integration and optimal performance. Customers can install WordPress with just a few clicks using InterServer’s user-friendly control panel.

Advanced Features for Developers

InterServer is not only beginner-friendly but also caters to the needs of advanced users and developers. Their hosting plans provide a wide range of advanced features and customization options.

For developers who prefer to have full control over their hosting environment, InterServer offers support for custom coding options. This allows developers to fine-tune their websites and applications to their specific requirements, creating a truly unique online presence.

InterServer also supports various programming languages and frameworks, including PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Node.js. Developers can choose the most suitable programming language for their projects and leverage the power of these frameworks to create dynamic and interactive websites.

In addition to programming language support, InterServer provides database support, including MySQL and PostgreSQL. This enables developers to build robust and scalable web applications that can handle large amounts of data.

Scalability Options

Scalability is another important consideration when choosing a web hosting provider. As businesses and websites grow, their hosting needs may change. InterServer offers flexible scalability options to accommodate the changing requirements of their customers.

With shared hosting plans, InterServer allows customers to upgrade their resources as needed, ensuring websites can handle increased traffic and demand. Whether it’s upgrading to a higher-tier shared hosting plan or transitioning to a VPS or dedicated server, InterServer offers seamless migration options to ensure a smooth transition without downtime.

For customers on VPS or dedicated hosting plans, InterServer provides the flexibility to easily upgrade or downgrade server resources. This means that as businesses expand, they can scale their hosting infrastructure to meet the growing demands of their online presence.

Security and Backups

Security Measures (SSL Certificates, DDoS Protection, Firewalls)

InterServer prioritizes the security of its customers’ websites and data. They implement robust security measures to protect against various threats and vulnerabilities.

One of the fundamental security features included in InterServer’s hosting plans is the provision of free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. SSL certificates encrypt sensitive data transmitted between the website and its visitors, ensuring secure and private communication. This not only protects the integrity of user data but also helps improve search engine rankings, as search engines prioritize secure websites.

InterServer also provides comprehensive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. DDoS attacks are one of the most common online threats, and they can significantly impact website performance and accessibility. InterServer’s DDoS protection systems detect and mitigate attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service for their customers.

Firewalls are another crucial security measure implemented by InterServer. Firewalls act as a barrier between servers and potential threats, filtering out malicious traffic and preventing unauthorized access attempts. InterServer maintains robust firewall configurations to safeguard their customers’ websites and data.

Backup Policies and Disaster Recovery Options

Data loss can have severe consequences for businesses and website owners. As such, InterServer takes data backups and disaster recovery seriously.

They offer daily backups as a standard feature across their hosting plans. These backups ensure that in the event of accidental file deletion, data corruption, or other unforeseen circumstances, customers can easily restore their websites to earlier versions. Having daily backups gives customers peace of mind, knowing that their data is securely stored and can be retrieved if needed.

In addition to regular backups, InterServer operates redundant storage systems to further enhance data protection. Redundant storage means that data is duplicated across multiple drives, ensuring that even in the event of a hardware failure, data remains accessible and intact.

InterServer’s commitment to disaster recovery is reflected in their infrastructure. Their data centers are designed with redundancies and failover systems to minimize the impact of hardware or network failures. By implementing these measures, InterServer ensures that customers’ websites remain online and accessible even during unexpected events.

Customer Support and Resources

Quality of Customer Support (24/7 Availability, Response Times, Expertise)

InterServer understands that reliable customer support is essential for a seamless hosting experience. They provide 24/7 customer support to ensure that assistance is available whenever it’s needed.

Customers can reach InterServer’s support team through various channels, including phone, live chat, email, or their ticket system. This multi-channel approach allows customers to choose the most convenient method for them.

One of the key aspects of customer support is response time. InterServer prides itself on its quick response times, aiming to address customer queries and issues promptly. Their support team consists of highly trained professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of web hosting and can provide expert guidance and solutions.

Available Support Channels

InterServer offers multiple support channels to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. Their support team is available 24/7, ensuring that assistance is accessible at any time.

Phone support allows customers to speak directly to a support representative, which can be particularly helpful for urgent or complex issues. Live chat is another popular support channel, providing real-time assistance without the need for phone calls or waiting for email responses.

For non-urgent inquiries or technical support, customers can reach out via email or the ticket system. Email support allows customers to explain their issues in detail, providing the support team with the necessary information to identify and resolve the problem. The ticket system offers a structured way of reporting issues and tracking their progress, ensuring efficient communication between customers and the support team.

Quality and Availability of Self-Help Resources

In addition to direct customer support, InterServer provides customers with valuable self-help resources. These resources are designed to empower customers to solve common issues on their own and enhance their understanding of web hosting concepts and technologies.

InterServer offers a comprehensive knowledge base that covers various topics related to web hosting, including setup guides, troubleshooting tips, and frequently asked questions. The knowledge base is regularly updated, ensuring that customers have access to support articles that are relevant and up to date.

Forums and community support are another valuable resource offered by InterServer. These platforms allow customers to engage with fellow users, share experiences, and seek advice. Participating in forums can often provide quick answers to specific questions or unique challenges, fostering a sense of community among InterServer users.

InterServer also provides video tutorials on their website, offering visual demonstrations and walkthroughs of common tasks and procedures. These tutorials cater to different learning styles and provide customers with step-by-step instructions for performing various actions within the hosting environment.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Hosting Control Panel

A user-friendly control panel is crucial for managing hosting services effectively. InterServer utilizes the popular cPanel control panel, known for its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality.

cPanel allows customers to manage their website files, databases, email accounts, and other hosting-related aspects through a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It provides a visually appealing interface and simplifies complex tasks, making it accessible for beginners and advanced users alike.

Within the cPanel control panel, customers have access to a wide range of features and tools. They can easily manage domain settings, install applications, set up email accounts, and monitor website statistics. The control panel also offers built-in security features, allowing customers to manage SSL certificates, set up password-protected directories, and configure access restrictions.

InterServer’s integration of cPanel ensures that customers have a user-friendly and feature-rich control panel at their disposal, empowering them to manage their web hosting environment efficiently.

Automated Solutions for Website Management

InterServer understands that automating routine tasks can save time and effort for website owners. They provide several automated solutions to simplify website management and streamline processes.

One notable automated solution offered by InterServer is the Softaculous application installer. Softaculous allows customers to quickly and easily install a variety of popular web applications and content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. With just a few clicks, customers can have a fully functional website up and running without the need for manual installation or complex configuration.

Furthermore, InterServer offers automated backups to ensure that customers’ data is consistently and securely stored. These backups are set up to run automatically, eliminating the need for manual backups and minimizing the risk of data loss.

Automated solutions play a significant role in enhancing the overall hosting experience by simplifying complex tasks and reducing the potential for human error. InterServer’s commitment to automation helps customers save time and focus on their core objectives without worrying about the technical aspects of website management.

Pros and Cons

Key Strengths of InterServer

InterServer has several key strengths that make them a compelling option for individuals and businesses seeking web hosting services.

  1. Reliability: With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and real-world performance data to support their claims, InterServer offers reliable hosting services that ensure websites are accessible and perform optimally.
  2. Competitive Pricing: InterServer’s pricing structure is highly competitive, offering stable and predictable prices throughout the duration of the subscription. Their price lock guarantee ensures that customers are not subjected to sudden price increases.
  3. Transparent Policies: InterServer stands out for its transparent policies, ensuring that there are no hidden costs or surprises. Their commitment to fair and honest pricing gives customers peace of mind.
  4. Excellent Customer Support: InterServer’s customer support is available 24/7 and is known for quick response times and expertise. Their multiple support channels provide convenient options for customers to seek assistance.
  5. Feature-Rich Plans: InterServer offers feature-rich plans that cater to the diverse needs of customers. With unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts, customers can grow their online presence without resource limitations.
  6. Security and Backups: InterServer’s robust security measures, including SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and firewalls, ensure the safety and integrity of customers’ data. Daily backups and disaster recovery options provide additional peace of mind.

Weaknesses of InterServer

While InterServer has several strengths, it’s important to consider potential weaknesses before making a decision.

  1. Limited Data Center Locations: While InterServer offers data center locations in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the number of available locations may be limited compared to some other hosting providers. This may result in slightly higher latency for certain geographical regions.
  2. Non-Refundable Fees: InterServer’s refund policy does not cover domain registration fees, setup fees, and certain add-ons. It’s essential for customers to carefully review the terms and conditions to understand what is refundable and what is not.


After a thorough examination of InterServer’s performance and reliability, pricing and plans, features and customizations, security and backups, customer support and resources, and user interface and ease of use, it is clear that InterServer is a top-notch web hosting provider.

InterServer’s emphasis on performance and reliability, showcased through their uptime guarantees, server speeds, and load times, sets them apart in the competitive web hosting market. With robust data centers located in key regions and performance-related features like CDN integration and LiteSpeed web server, InterServer ensures optimal website performance for their customers.

Their pricing structure is highly competitive and transparent, with no hidden costs or surprises. Customers can rely on stable prices throughout their subscription, thanks to InterServer’s price lock guarantee. The value for money aspects, such as unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts, further enhance the hosting experience.

InterServer’s commitment to security and backups ensures the safety and protection of customers’ websites and data. With SSL certificates, DDoS protection, firewalls, daily backups, and disaster recovery options, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their online presence is in good hands.

Customer support is a strong suit for InterServer, with their 24/7 availability, quick response times, and expertise. Multiple support channels, including phone, live chat, email, and the ticket system, provide convenient options for customers to seek assistance. The availability of self-help resources, such as the knowledge base, forums, and video tutorials, further empowers customers to resolve issues independently.

InterServer’s user interface, with the use of the cPanel control panel and automated solutions like Softaculous application installer, provides a user-friendly experience that caters to both beginners and advanced users. The hosting control panel simplifies website management, while automated features save time and effort.

In conclusion, InterServer is an exceptional web hosting provider suitable for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a beginner looking to create a simple website or an experienced developer with complex requirements, InterServer’s range of hosting services, competitive pricing, reliable performance, and excellent customer support make them a highly recommended choice.

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